Banksia Ridge Objectives
Our aim is to breed outstanding stud bulls and cows which will add value to commercial herds. We target to produce well balanced animals which will be suitable for both domestic and export markets and to only sell animals we would be proud to run in our own herd. Animals not up to the required standard are transferred to our commercial herd or sold for slaughter. We want our animals to excel in your herd so that you will become repeat buyers.

We combine Breedplan data with actual animal growth, structure, and temperament to select our breeding stock and sale bulls. We are aiming to breed low birth weight, high growth animals which preferably have a the 600 day weight in the top 20% or better, for the breed. From the Breedplan data we put most emphasis on the $index values (domestic and export) as we see this as providing the best single measure to correlate the overall genetic potential of the animal. We are targeting to produce all animals with both the supermarket and export $Index values in the top 20% of the breed, preferably the top 10% for both indicies.

In order to rapidly improve our herd we have artificially inseminated all females each year. We have targeted using bulls with $Index values in the upper 95 percentile for the breed. The bulls we have used include:

 $Index Export$Index Supermarket
Willalooka Kirby3932
Monterey Unitholder Y455139
Boxvale Sylvester2830
Willalooka Thug3947
Banksia Ridge Yardmaster4736
Willalooka Uplift7455
Lindsay Starbright3344
95 percentile values3728

We user the pick of our own young bulls as the back-up sires.