Semen from Banksia Ridge and other bulls

As of June 2018 we have the following stock of semen stock remaining for Sale:
Monterey Messiah (GJB L39) 69 straws
Monterey Unit-Holder Y45 1 straw .
Lindsay Starbright 1 straw
Banksia Ridge Yogi Bear Y15 40 straws
Banksia Ridge Yttrium Y17 20 straws
Banksia Ridge Yardmaster Y14 160 straws
Banksia ridge Zorba Z26 207 straws

This business will be closing on on 31 December 2018 and any unplaced semen will be destroyed.

All offers will be accepted. Yogi Bear and Yttrium have been extensively sold overseas and this stock only remains as I didn't realise I had some stored at Murray Bridge. All the Banksia Ridge bulls are great sires from two of the most outstanding sires in the breed, Willalooka Kirby and Willalooka Uplift.

Kirby off-spring must number amongst the most docile in the breed. Also He has a sensationally short gestation length EDV's which means the calves do a lot of growing on the ground rather than in their mother. Thus you get low birth weights without compromising growth.

Yttrium calves are especially soft and docile with a great hind quarter and they have regularly received praise from breeders who have used him.

Banksia Ridge Zorba Z26 is a silver, first cousin of Banksia Ridge Harry H1